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Before beginning any treatment program, it may be necessary for some patients to undergo detoxification. It is necessary for all individuals who have been using large amounts of alcohol, opiates, or benzodiazepines (or all of those at the same time), to go through detoxification before admitting the patient to our inpatient treatment programs. 


A person who is in need of detoxification needs assistance with this process. For some individuals the need for Medical Detoxification administered by a hospital is needed before beginning our program. In these cases, we refer the individual to an hospital where they can safely go through detoxification before entering our programs. For most individuals the need for social detoxification is all that is needed. Detoxification such as provided by The Retreat At Zion can provide a medical purge of illicit substances from your body. The detoxification process usually takes between 2-5 days, although this can vary and can take longer depending on the drug of choice.

Alcohol Detoxification:

Of all dangerous substances, alcohol is definitely the most abused. Alarmingly, nearly 1 in every 8 adults in the United States have an alcohol abuse disorder! However, sometimes it can be dangerous to simply stop drinking, once the body has become accustomed to having alcohol, continuously, for an extended period of time. Indeed, in heavy alcoholics, withdrawals can even be fatal, if the individual is not under medical supervision. Alcohol detoxification processes use cross-tolerant drugs to help the body safely transition to an absence of alcohol.


Drug Detoxification:

Drug detoxification is currently a hot topic in our country, as addiction to prescription opiates and stronger opiates, such as heroin, continues to spread throughout nearly every demographic. Opiates produce a powerful high, and cause our bodies to develop a severe dependence, which cause even more severe withdrawals. Severe medical problems are common when people go cold turkey on opiates, particularly heroin. Because of this, detoxification processes are absolutely a necessary first step towards addiction recovery.

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