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The Retreat At Zion complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by providing

its services and programs to individuals with disabilities as mandated by the ADA. 

Residential Treatment:

Typical Length of stay: 28-30 Days

At The Retreat At Zion, our Spiritual based residential program for men and women is a 28-30 day program. You or your loved one will experience group, individual, experiential and service work therapy. These methods of therapy are delivered within a therapeutic living environment for alcohol and drug treatment. You or your loved one will reside in our beautiful spacious estate home and are expected to assist in daily living tasks. It is full service and includes housing, meals and other life necessities.  

Our program revolves around a Spiritual based 12 Step program and the Therapeutic Community Model. It relies upon peers appropriately assisting each other in the recovery process. The Therapeutic Community is based upon three major principles: 

1. Traditional medical and rehabilitation care: The Retreat professional staff and outside contractors include licensed physician, clinical psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, physical therapists, ministers, physicians assistants/nurse practitioners, massage therapists, chiropractic physicians, personal trainers and a nutritional specialist, each providing specific care for each individualized treatment plan. These professionals as well as many other teachers and ancillary staff provide clients with a rehabilitation program customized to each individual's needs. Patients are generally seen weekly by all physicians one on one as well as in group sessions.


2. Mind-Body Health: The role of the central nervous system in physical health has become apparent in recent years. Until recently, most health care providers have ignored the powerful role the mind can play in either improving, or causing harm to, physical health. Health Recovery Programs includes group and individual sessions with a clinical psychologists/Therapists as well as workshops conducted by some of the nation's leading authorities on mind-body health.


3. Healthy Living: One key to successful recovery from addictions, injury or illness is living a lifestyle conducive to health. The Retreat provides extensive training in fitness, nutrition, stress management, and goal setting. Many addictions and injuries become chronic as a result of an individual's unhealthy lifestyle. Our Health Recovery Program teaches individuals key principles of health and wellness while providing them with an opportunity to live these principles throughout the three-week program in preparation for re-entry into the community.