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The Retreat At Zion complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by providing

its services and programs to individuals with disabilities as mandated by the ADA. 



The Retreat At Zion program begins with our specialized accelerated pain free detox protocol (if needed) that naturally transitions into our residential inpatient treatment program. We understand the importance of counseling and one on one therapy, and we also offer walking, hiking, biking, climbing, yoga, equine and animal assisted therapy. Our property boasts 11 acres of beautiful pastures, huge cottonwood trees and a flowing river running right through the middle of the property.




The Retreat facility is in Rockville, Utah in approximately 12.000 square feet of facility, sitting on a beautiful 10-acre ranch. The facility has a total capacity of 16 beds dedicated to the Retreat Inpatient Treatment program. The facility is equipped with full gym, yoga room, comfortable bedrooms, recreation room, Theta chamber, LED light beds, sauna, classroom, medical detox center and other amenities.



The facility has a maximum occupancy of 13 guests under our current license. The Retreat provides Spiritual based 12-Step rehabilitation and pain free rapid Detoxification services to individuals suffering from addiction and chronic injuries. The Retreat offers and provides additional services for longer term care patient seeking an extended inpatient care facility. These services include: physician assessments, chiropractic care, nutritional evaluation, acupuncture, cognitive & behavioral therapy, blood analysis, pool therapy, psychotherapy, personal training, group therapy, cellular nutrition, IV medication detoxification. equine therapy, walking/hiking, yoga. Meditative mind body therapies, recreational therapies, instructional classes on all aspects of addiction therapy, Christian based 12step, and healthy lifestyle